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Winding down Free-Hosting for WordPress plan – deadline 28th February 2019

I’ve been running a free hosting plan for over a year for my first WordPress development clients who opted in. Unfortunately it is time for the free plan to come to an end. Thank you to everyone who has participated in this fun and educational experiment.

If your website is currently on this hosting plan you must make arrangements to migrate your WordPress site before the deadline.

“When do I have to migrate my website?”

The Free WordPress Hosting servers will be taken offline at the start of next month. The deadline is Thursday 28th of February 2019 at 5pm.

“What do I have to do with my website?”

To keep your website online you must find another hosting arrangement. Here are your options:

I am grateful that you have chosen to stay with me on my web development journey by sticking with my web hosting to this point.

Current clients will be notified by email at the start of the sunset period at the beginning of February 2019.

On purchasing a Basic WordPress Hosting plan for your website we will discuss your requirements and assist in transferring your website at no additional cost.

“Can we still avail of Free Hosting if my website is for a charity or non-profit organization?”

Requests from charities and non-profits will be assessed on a case by case basis. Please send your queries to Thank you!

“Why is the free hosting plan stopping?”

As a quick refresher, the free WordPress hosting was a project I was running for my very first web development clients. The free cost was due to the fact it was experimental and I was still learning a lot about web servers and hosting. I was able to build a lightning fast server that could serve basic WordPress sites from Dublin, Ireland to Vancouver, Canada, in under 3 seconds.

Over the past several months the cost of running the servers has increased and I am no longer able to sustain the increased cost and effort to maintain them.

To respond to the situation, I am bringing the free hosting offer to a close with a month’s notice as well as offering a new paid hosting plan for anyone who wishes to host with Mind Cauldron

During this sunset of the free hosting servers, I will be investing in a new infrastructure for Mind Cauldron’s paid WordPress hosting plan. This new set up aims to be more sustainable and easily maintained, providing a more robust hosting solution.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Thank you for choosing Mind Cauldron!

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GGJ19 Galway Jam-Site Approved!

Global Game Jam '19 at PorterShed, Galway

Hi folks,

Our Global Game Jam jam-site at the PorterShed has been approved by Global Game Jam 19!

You can check out the page here for details about the site.

Registration through ClearBookings:

If you have any questions let me know in the comments or get in touch at

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Organising a Galway jam-site for Global Game Jam 2019

Global Game Jam ggj17 presskit header image

Hi folks,

I’m putting together Galway’s next Global Game Jam. Global Game Jam 2019.

Over the last 4 years, Pulse College Galway has brought Global Game Jam to Galway and made it into a landmark game making event for the community. Unfortunately, Pulse College Galway has closed it’s Galway Campus earlier this year and Chris Colston will not be able to continue as an organiser.

Chris reached out to the community and I answered the call. I have run many game jams in the past, and I’m currently on the board of Global GameCraft LtdG. Chris has been supportive of me taking on the role of organiser for this event. I am more than happy to ensure that Galway does not lose it’s Global Game Jam tradition!

I’ve registered with Global Game Jam and will update with news over the coming weeks.

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Intro to 3D Modelling with Blender Press Release

3d modelling with Blender workshops by MindCauldron

“Introduction to 3D Modelling with Blender” is a beginners level course starting this weekend at the PorterShed, Galway. The workshops will be delivered by Trevor Burke, 3D Artist of Howling Hamster Games.

Blender is a free, open-source tool for creating and rendering 3D art and animations. It is used mostly by smaller studios in both the Game and Film/Animation industries, including a few Galway-based game developers.

The course starts this Saturday 24th November, with a second day on Saturday 1st December.

Mind Cauldron will award a certificate of completion participants on completing the course. Please note that these certificates are not recognised by the NFQ, though they may still be a valuable addition to your C.V.

Mind Cauldron is a new game development business in Galway run by Darren Kearney. Darren is an active member of the game development community in Ireland and is the best known for organising game making events locally and nationally.

Ticket price for the course is €100. Ticket booking and more information at

Please direct any course queries to Darren at

Thanks to the PorterShed for continuing to support the local game development community.