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workshops and 1-1 tuition.

Supporting the gamedev scene in Galway, Ireland

Local and national game development and game community events are important to encourage growth and promote our industry in Ireland. Mind Cauldron supports these events directly through contributing sponsorship as well as being a director or organiser on many events.

Sponsorships include:

  • Galway Game Jam (Organiser, Sponsor)
  • 1GAM Galway (Organiser)
  • Global Game Jam Galway (Organiser, Sponsor)
  • Global GameCraft CLtG (Board Member, Sponsor)
  • Dublin Games Conference ’19 (Sponsor)
  • Galway Games Developers XMAS Party ’19. (Organiser, Sponsor)
  • More events to come… 🙂

Mind Cauldron’s goal – my goal – is to make games. I also want to contribute to the game making community, especially on a local level because I want to see more of it in Galway. If there is a game industry event that you want to run in Galway and are looking for support, Mind Cauldron would love to hear from you. This will be my way of contributing back to the wonderful community that has helped me on my journey to make this dream a reality.