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OBSTACLES is a simple retro top-down 2D high-score chaser. Online leaderboard planned to be released early 2020.

Best experience is download native build for your platform, but you can play the demo in your web browser right here:

You can follow progress on my monthly newsletter here:

I take a lot of inspiration from indie game developers and other folks that have been making a solid go of it. Here’s a list in no particular order: Anna Anthropy, Tom Francis, Terry Cavanagh, Shane Marks, Vlambeer, Subset Games, HeartMachine, Spiderweb Software, DoomCube, Psychic Software, Squidmonkey Games, Gambrinous and Romero Games.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Adam Nickerson as an inspiration, specifically because of this article on Rock Paper Shotgun:

So I guess my hope is to be a toymaker that can somehow eek out a living by making small games for a niche audience in a huge world. Onwards!