Currently I’m working on a bunch of prototypes.

The most complete game experience I’ve made so far is probably OBSTACLES.

You can play it in your web browser right here:

You can follow progress on my monthly newsletter here:

You can also follow me on twitter @mindcauldron (specifically this?) and @darrencearnaigh (kind of more frequent updates!).

I take a lot of inspiration from indie game developers and other folks that have been making a solid go of it. Here’s a list in no particular order: Anna Anthropy, Tom Francis, Terry Cavanagh, Shane Marks, Vlambeer, Subset Games, HeartMachine, Spiderweb Software, DoomCube, Psychic Software, Squidmonkey Games, Gambrinous and Romero Games.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Adam Nickerson as an inspiration, specifically because of this article on Rock Paper Shotgun:

So I guess my hope is to be a toymaker that can somehow eek out a living by making small games for a niche audience in a huge world. Onwards!