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Remote work setup package for your business

During early March, Mind Cauldron fully transitioned to work from home. As Ireland’s government began to address the issue of dealing with the pandemic, Mind Cauldron assisted it’s largest client to transition to remote work for their entire staff. Since then Mind Cauldron has been providing support for remote work and assisting existing clients during the transition.

With a year of experience managing the IT side of remote workers as a contracted System Administrator, Mind Cauldron has the skills and the tools to assist you make your business operate successfully during these strange times.

Mind Cauldron can design, install and manage:

  • A Virtual Private Network your employees can use to securely access to your office network from home.
  • A Firewall to protect internet-facing services from viruses and intruders.
  • An automated Intrusion Detection System to monitor network traffic for suspicious activity.
  • Anti-virus and security suite packages for employee devices.

Mind Cauldron can also offer recommendations for remote desktop software packages. We can offer our recommendations from real-life experience using and testing remote desktop applications in a production environment for demanding graphics applications.

Ask Mind Cauldron about our remote work setup packages for your business. Mind Cauldron offers remote working setup packages on a pro bono basis to businesses that directly supply or support front-line workers during these strange times.