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Recently started streaming! Learn with me.

Mind Cauldron's Stream Starting scene on Twitch

I’ve recently started experimenting with streaming.

People have streamed for years, why now?

Streaming is still kind of a strange (and scary) new world for me. For the longest time I have generally been disinterested in streaming, choosing instead to view pre-recorded videos of my favourite game developers and interesting people doing their thing. I always felt streaming was kind of disingenuous and relied on cheap psychological tricks, sensationalism and controversy to get peoples attention. Much like modern advertising and sensationalist news headlines. However, I have slowly been discovering a more wholesome side of streaming on my personal side-quest to learn of wholesome things.

Wholesome streaming…

Have you ever watched the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on twitch? I have, and I absolutely adore it. Ross delivers a tutorial, but he does so with an effortless skill, creating a calm and safe space simply bustling with creativity.

Clearly Bob Ross was very professional about the whole set up and he managed to create a wonderful atmosphere, where he put his viewers – who he would address as his students – at ease, and encourage them to make the best of their mistakes while they followed along at home.

One day, watching the stream, it sort of occurred to me that I wanted to do something like that, and that I could do that. I was already planning to get a computer for making games – now I wanted one to also stream!

Computer – check! Mic – not yet… (please wait, researching!)

Now I that I have my computer and I am working away at gamedev, I have finally put some time aside to learn more about streaming and find channels and streamers of people who are doing things I find interesting.

You can come across some lovely gems out there. There are quite a few streamers that have a great connection with their viewers and have a great time sharing what they love with everyone. Streamers such as the talented Johnathan Ong – who even inspired me to make art one day with his creative expression of a composition that I love.

It makes me think about the passion that is shown by the streamers I like. I wonder is that a key element? I guess we will find out!

I am interested in streaming to for a few reasons. Let’s be a little reductive and write them into a list:

  • I stream to share what I love doing.
  • I stream to reach more people with my projects who might actually want to support either me or the project.
  • I stream for the fun of it, because why not?

Building a community is probably the most difficult thing there. It takes time, and there needs to be a project to gather around. Currently there is not even much project to share, so my work is cut out for me!

Stream experiments and plans for future streams.

I am currently focusing on creating things and playing indie video games that I enjoy.

So far I have streamed:

  • experiments in game development with PICO-8
  • digital painting (fan art)
  • playing Risk of Rain2
  • playing Heat Signature

.This weekend I will be streaming my desktop for Game Jam +, because I love gamejams – and why not?

If you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know! You can scroll down on the twitch channel and fill out the suggestion box. I suppose I should probably link you to the stream after all of this!

Now I can finally add to the chorus of the internet: please follow and subscribe!

You can check out my experimental stream here: