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Global Game Jam ’20 Seattle-Galway Collaboration Experiment!

As Galway’s Site Organiser, I’ve joined the first ever Global Game Jam cross-site collaboration experiment with a small bunch of participating Site Organisers across the world. Our Galway site will be teaming up with Seattle, and we will have at least one team with members in both sides of the planet, jamming together. How exciting!

Galway and Seattle are also sister cities! This is news to me, though the Seattle-Galway sister city status was established in the 1980’s. In fact there is a monument in both cities, two rocks, which point to each other in a straight line through the Earth. A great photo-op, and sure jammers on both sides will likely have to deal with the rain!

Hopefully this collaboration experiment will be an interesting challenge and will provide a more “global” experience for the jammers who take part.

Unlike the regular Global Game Jam team formation’s, we will need to get our cross-site teams established before the event in order for the teams to fully participate across time-zones.

If you are interested in joining our jam-site and participating in the cross-site collaboration with Seattle, please get in touch as soon as possible.

I am excited!

You can read more about sister cities here: